Documentary about marriage (in)equality in Poland
Article 18 is a full-length documentary film, aiming to explain why Poland has failed to introduce same-sex marriage law.

Despite 25 years of freedom and democracy gay and lesbian people in Poland are still struggling with discrimination, while politicians play their problems down. No possibility of formalizing these relationships or getting married creates barriers in everyday life but also symbolizes the reality of inequalities a society which allegedly creates equal environment for all, but in fact treats some of its members as second class citizens, deprived of certain rights. The title of the film refers to the article 18 of the Polish Constitution according to which marriage as institution deserves state protection as long as it is a relationship between a man and a woman. For many LGBT community opponents it is a sufficient argument for denying same sex-couples the right to formalize their relationships.

2 years recording
We was gathering material to our movie since September 2015.
25 interviews
25 inteviews with couples and experts
It is first LGBT movie made by crowdfunding in Poland.
Our film
  • Agnieszka Holland is a Polish film and television director and screenwriter. Best known for her political contributions to Polish cinema,...
  • Jacek i Andrzej are Polish gay couple who live in UK since 2014. They adopted two boys but was unable...
  • Kamila and Beata are lesbian couple who left polish city Wyszków to UK after their coming out in polish media....
  • prof. dr. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, PhD in Medical Sciences, Professor, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, national consultant in the field of sexology and...
30 hours of interviews
300 pages of transcript
people that joined our crowdfunding
15.000 euro was total budget for documentary

“Poland needs to sort out this vitally

important issue, it needs to be done

as the Western Europe has already

introduced legally sanctioned

same-sex relationships”

Ewa Łętowska – profesor law, contitutional law expert
DIR. Bartosz Staszewski, SCRIPT: Hubert Sobecki & Sławomir Wodzyński DOP: B. Staszewski & Inga Pawłowska INTERVIEW: Ewa Tomaszewski TRANSPORT: Małgorzata Rawińska